Nyetimber Copse Residents Association



NCRA Committee

 Chairman  Steve Eggleton    812342
 Vice Chairman  Caroline Wells    813668
 Hon Secretary  Nick Gage    669088
 Hon Treasurer  John Merchant    813811
 Committee Members  Tony Nixon    812328
   Alan French    812066
   John Stoy    813464
   John O'Sullivan    812513



The Association’s constitution sets out its purpose as being:


“a)  To promote high standards of planning, landscaping and architecture in the area of benefit and all other matters relevant to the well being of the area.


b)  The protection of the common interest of members and the maintenance and improvement of environmental conditions.


c)  Any other business which is ancillary or otherwise beneficial to the Association.”


The overriding objective of the association is to act in the interest of all members and in practice this is mainly in the context of item (b) above - in recent years it has arranged for the road surface in the Copse to be replaced and has made salt and grit to be available during severe conditions of snow and ice.  The main ongoing tasks of the Association relate to the oversight and maintenance of:


(i)  Those surface water drains in the Copse that run through its common areas.  Residents should however be aware  that drains that connect their property to the main drainage system are not the responsibility of the Association.  They should therefore ensure that their household insurance cover will provide for this should repairs be necessary.


(ii)  The verges in the Copse and in particular the trees in those verges.  The Association keeps a record of the 170 verge trees and maintains a programme for their ongoing maintenance and occasional replacement.


The Association carries out its work through a committee which is formally elected each year at its AGM.


The Constitutions of the NCRA are currently being updated and will be circulated for approval later in 2019


Nyetimber Copse Residents Association