Nyetimber Copse Residents Association



Do's and Dont's

Do ensure you lock all doors and shut all windows when you go out

Don't leave keys in the lock - remove them to somewhere safe

Do turn on your burglar alarm if you have one

Don't leave keys (house or car) in the hallway where they can be seen through the letterbox

Do ensure all side gates are locked and secured to prevent easy access to your rear garden

Don't advertise the fact you are away on holiday - fit timers to your lights

Do ensure your neighbours / friends know how to get hold of a keyholder

Don't ignore a neighbours burglar alarm if it goes off. Dial 999 if you are not sure

Do contact the police on 101 ( non urgent) or 999 if you see anything suspicious

Don't leave it until tomorrow to ring - it could be too late

Do keep an eye on vulnerable neighbours

Don't wait to get an alarm fitted - if you are thinking of it - get it done

Do leave a light on all night in the porch or out the front of your property ( low energy bulbs only cost pennies a week to run)

Don't forget to lock your shed

Do fit Security floodlights that come on as someone approaches your house


Nyetimber Copse Residents Association