Nyetimber Copse Residents Association




We continue to manage the verge trees and maintenance is on going replacing and pruning trees where necessary. If a new tree is planted on your verge we would be grateful if you could keep it watered until it is established. The same goes for areas that we have re seeded following tree removal.

The triangle in the Copse has been re laid with a new weed barrier and a top dressing of crushed slate. We have a number of volunteers who help keep the triangle clean and tidy for which we are very grateful.

Please keep an eye out for your neighbours if the coronavirus worsens or if adverse weather conditions cause difficulties.


We continue to manage the surface water drainage system in the Copse whilst Southern Water manage the foul water system.

If you would like to see something added to this website please let me know by email.

Your Committee thank you for your support,

Caroline Wells ( Chair )


Nyetimber Copse Residents Association